From Wee Ka Siong to pre-election feel good factor

The deflected slug that Wee Ka Siong received overshadowed the messages emitted from the Chinese Education protest assembly held on 25th May. The Deputy Education Minister seems to have earned some brownie point for being forgiving and understanding i.e. not taking further action against the perpetuator while MCA had a field day condemning hooliganism from the forum attendees and by extension Pakatan Rakyat supporters.
Looks good on the surface, politically.

However, Wee Ka Siong already denied that the inconsequential flick of a fist is  an act staged by him or his supporters. If a deputy minister is being assaulted while being escorted by PDRM personnel and no action is taken against a person that has committed a crime, then we can surmise that either:

1)      The fellow who throw the punch is indeed a staged actor designed to distort the gathering and give the intended “victim” a chance to shine; or
2)      The police is so useless that they do not take action even when a proper crime is committed right before their eyes or
3)      The deputy minister and police are instructed not to take any punitive or retaliatory action because the PM is in election mode and in the midst of spending tax payers’ money in abundance to create the feel good factor before he releases his “trade secret”.*

KUALA LUMPUR (March 19, 2012): Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak said he could not reveal the date of the 13th General Election although he knew about it.

He hoped the public, including the media, appreciated his answer as he needed to keep a few secrets to himself

His definition of trade secret is dubious because while other countries openly declare their election date years in advance^, the flawed Malaysian electoral system allows the PM to choose the time of election anytime he wants so that tax payers' money can be wantonly spent in a short period of time leading up to election, and in substance, vote buying.

^ 1 example here:
While MCA does not miss this opportunity to lash out at supposedly violent and uncivilized perpetuators, it has yet again demonstrated its deeply entrenched double standards. Where was MCA when a splurge political violence were committed recently?
1)      The death of Teoh Beng Hock in the hands of MACC

2)      The assault on DAP ADUN Ng Swee Lam byy BN supporters/sympathisers

3)      The attempted assault on Nurul Izzah

4)      The attack on Anwar Ibrahim’s car and disruption of PKR’s ceramah

5)      The wild and violent Perkasa and UMNO protestors in Penang during Himpun Hijau

6)      The until now safe and well hooligan who disrupted the ABU seminar in Kelang and injured attendees

7)      The hanging of dead chicken on Teo Nie Ching’s service centre
8)      The fire bombing of Teresa Kok’s home
Just to name a few
BN administration is responsible for the environment of Malaysia and from some of the evidence above, I see political violence is a prevalent tool to gain electoral advantage.

A violent act is wrong but if we were to split hairs then there is a distinction between people turning violent because of oppression & injustice, and employed thugs who are tasked to keep to tyranny in power.

History is riched with such examples. The minutemen of the American revolution and the Gestapo, the French revolutionaires and the Kempeitai.
Perhaps Wee Ka Siong has put himself in an enviable position – a forgiving deputy minister who will earn some sympathy points. However, this is an unusual time, BN needs to be people friendly, kind and generous at this point of time.

Remember suqiu? When Mahathir was under tremendous pressure following the Sodomy I saga, he had to depend on Chinese votes to save his administration and accepted suqiu, whose list of demands can be reconciled by and large to Wawasan 2020 and New Economic Model, without protest. Once electoral victory was secured, suqiu was demonized and painted as a Chinese chauvinist threat to you know what and whatever pre-election stance was in a complete reverse.
Trust the educationists that the current federal administration trying so hard to appease with an 8 point scrap plan would receive retribution once election is over.
Trust also that there would be predictable ending to the trials of the NFC and PKFTZ scandals involving high profile people.
Trust also that while the federal government are deliberating slowlyy over Lynas, land acquisition for MRT purpose and 1Care Malaysia, once the GE is over, the planned stages would be put in motion regardless.
Trust also that the present short term generosity via Sara Rakyat 1Malaysia and various ad hoc disbursement for scholarships, public amenities, aid to flash flood victims, will be clawed back via Goods and Services Tax, 1Care Malaysia deduction on your salaries and god knows what else taxes to be introduced.
Enjoy the lovely atmosphere while you can, for it won’t last long once the GE is over and the story ends the way the script writer hope it will end.

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  1. Semua Ahli-ahli MCA Malaysia yang dihormati,

    Segelintir pemimpin MCA seperti YIP KUM FOOK (lawyer, MCA Gombak) dan Yip Jiun Hann(pemuda MCA Gombak) perangainya sendiri pun tidak bermoral dan nama pun sangat busuk di Selangor. Khas nya di Kepong, Selayang, Rawang dan lain tempat, seperti makan wang SAMNAK SAMBODHI, DESA JAYA, KEPONG, merosakkan keluarga orang lain……..perangai sebegitu jahat.

    Mereka cuba suruh kita menyokong Donald lim Siang Chai, sekira kumpulan ini bermenang dalam parti MCA, saya yakin parti MCA akan tenggelam selama-lama di Malaysia

    Jangan kena jerat, sokong lah Saudara Dr Wee Ka Siong