The Worst Blog on the Planet

One of the most trashy blogs around- The Unspinners. The bloggers of this blog purport to 'dedicate this blog to unravel spins and lies. Mature, rational, and civil comments encouraged...'. However, their blog postings have no substance of any intellectual sort and is totally the opposite of their namesake- spinning lies, racist remarks and crap. I have never seen blogs written with such a high level of stupidity. Of late this blog have ramped up several notches in the racism meter. Their post called Chauvanist Chinese discriminate other Malaysians and my response is highlighted in blue below.

Above: Racist pic appearing on The Unspinnersarticle. No difference from Nazism.

Above: Hail UMNO, Hail Hitler.

• Most private organisations including TMI are dominated by the Chinese and/or their political agenda. Being a Malaysian- Chinese I don't have any political motives- I just want the constant harassing on race to stop on the UMNO papers and blogs.

• Chinese people have a tendency to assign negative stereotypes on other races (especially the Bumiputera races). This is sometimes true but not all Chinese are like this. For the record, I am not like this. However pro-UMNO bloggers such as The Unspinners are worse- their aim is to spread anarchy by playing the race card ie their ultimate aim is to start a race riot. They are Nazi.

• They exhibit cliquish, insular, secretive and calculating behaviour. 1) Calculating behavior is OK- it is the opposite of reckless spending and not minding your daily expenses. You can't correlate frugal living to a race, shitheads. No wonder household debt in Malaysia is on the rise. 2) Insular and secretive- UMNO is racist but yet accuse the race-victimized as racist. 

• Chinese people favour fair-skinned people even though fair skin is disadvantageous in Malaysia’s sunny climate. This sentence doesn't make sense- but it is correct to say being fair-skinned is not really good in this UMNO racist-driven climate. What do make sense are the number of 'kulit cerah skin products catered to Malays. You can get the panduan for kulit cerah from and

• They admire China’s achievements, despite China’s oppressive regime. I'm indifferent on China's 'achievements' or 'regime'. I'm more concerned for Malaysia with its rising external debt and creeping inflation.

• Malaysian Chinese use the Chinese languages (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien etc.) to isolate their discussion from others while in their presence. Chinese is a major trade language, bigger than BM. Better start learning it, folks!

• The Chinese are not honest about failures of ethnic Chinese leaderships in Philippines and Thailand. I didn't go as far as Thailand or other places. I'm more concerned about this country's state of affairs and moron bloggers spreading lies amongst the people.

• Tokenism is rife in Chinese companies. Duh?!

• Chinese will use changing criteria to judge people of other ethnicities; one day it is academic merit, another day it may be “character.” Duh again.

• The Chinese favour their own kind over others, even when other kinds are of equal stature. 'Own kind' are the people who work hard and contribute to the economy. There's no equal stature per se, because the Malaysian Government has created an unequal 'Lords of the Earth' supreme race.

• Malays fear to voice out against Chinese for fear of repercussions especially with respect to their employment prospects in the private sector. What fear? They are doing it all the time.

• The Chinese still hold strongly to their ethnic heritage. That's because they don't have a Bumiputera 'heritage'. And 'Bumi' is a self-created, self-glorified policy.

• They diminish the achievement of other races, especially the Malays. I would advise you guys to get into the real spirit of competition before it is too late (ie country bankrupt).

• Harp on Bumiputera affirmative action even though Chinese people still continue to succeed at all levels of Malaysian life (even government). What's wrong with succeeding? I think you guys at The Unspinners are mixing with the wrong crowd (underachievers) for too long.

• Any Malay who has strong academic background is denounced as attaining it due to “Bumiputera privilege”, even though he graduated overseas with his own money. Duh who cares who pays for someone's education if he/ she deserves it.

• Use their overseas Chinese connection to gain unfair advantage, but pretend the advantage is minimal. All my family members are here, since few hundred years back. The only 'connection' is hard work, morons. The unfair advantage as mentioned above, is given by UMNO by crippling you guys with the Bumi tag. Talk about opium!

• The Chinese always make unfair comparisons of Malaysia with other non-Muslim, post-industrial countries. The comments are data-supported and serve as wake-up calls. That's the meaning of patriotism.

• Chinese people don’t recognise the special position Islam has in Malaysia. What's so special about if it known for spreading anarchy (internationally) and racism (locally)? There are many Muslims who are trying hard to change this perception but UMNO nor pro-UMNO bloggers are not one of them. 

• Enjoy talking bad about Malaysia (even when working/living overseas) as if Malaysia is on the same level as Zimbabwe even though Malaysia is far from it. The World Bank is 'talking bad' (in a diplomatic way) about Malaysia. Go whack them, wankers.

• Highly critical of institutions that are Bumiputera-dominated (ie. government), but non-critical of institutions that are Chinese dominant (like gambling). 'Bumiputera' is Nazism ie creating the 'supreme' race by way of Government policy, how not to be highly critical of this.

• Show no desire to partake in patriotic activities (e.g. serve in army), but cry foul when other people point out their lack of patriotism. I am patriotic but certainly do not have aspirations joining Tentera nor PDRM nor MACC. I build my country economically by helping train the workforce and helping to keep jobs in the country. I contribute to taxes to ensure the Government has sustainable revenue to in turn contribute to the rakyat, Malays included. However I cry afoul when certain stupid people link patriotism to joining the army.

• Show lack of understanding about Islamic religion, but enjoy taking Quranic verses out of context to further their argument. I have not read the Quran because it is not widely available and I certainly do not know any Quran verses. However I do know the many from the supreme race of Malaysia who wants to own the word 'Allah' and is working hard to stop other religious books into Malaysia. These people are also working hard towards a racial riot in Malaysia as well. I certainly have a lack in understanding of this.

• If pushed to think “outside the box”, the Chinese would favour Western ideals above Islamic ideals. I definitely do not favor terrorism, inside or outside the box; nor this racism that's propagated by Muslims of this country. Racism is a form of blatant terrorism. 

• The Chinese show lack of respect toward Malay leaders, but accord unnecessary respect to their Chinese community leaders, even though they hold no significant position in government. I don't really respect Chua Soi Lek nor any of his predecessors so fuck you guys for putting words in my mouth.

• Always speak about “brain drain” but still keep Malaysian passports. The Brain Drain report was released by The World Bank, morons. Keeping passports are the least of the problem, er... if you guys could understand what was written in the Report.

• Willing to spread disingenuous claim that Bumis have already achieved economic parity with the Chinese. It's a fact supported by data not a 'claim'.  Anyway, poverty knows no boundaries- may it be Malays, Chinese or Indians. I feel ashamed that any human being would admit themselves as having not made it yet despite 60 years of special policy.

• Use Indians who have achieved to further their claim that Indian community is ahead of the Malay community. Don't bring the Indians into this.

• Comments in support of Chinese chauvinistic agenda are allowed to be posted in TMI, while others are censored. For Sabah and Sarawak, replace Malay with Bumiputera or Pribumi. In some cases, their discrimination is more visible. Waste of time my time to comment on this.

The Chinese want control of political power. Will they get better or worse with power? What political power are you talking about. You have been drinking too much 'Kopi Jantan' and there's all the power to it. On the other hand UMNO is obsessed with 'power' and will sacrifice everyone to a race riot to remain in Government-control.

There it is- the rotten-tomato blog of the month.


  1. Maybe I should also give my two sen worth in my blog. Statements made by this pro-UMNO blogger are nothing more than sweeping in nature which in most part, are based on perceptions indoctrinated from young living in a cocoon environment. Such narrow thinking, I believe, has been further ingrained by BTN and if I am not mistaken, the statements made could have been taken out from the BTN course manual.

  2. Thanks for visiting G. Yes, blogs like that are spreading too much falsehoods, whack them!

  3. the problem is if one repeat a lie too often, people with lesser minds and intellect might buy into it.

    but it just proves UMNO's promotion and addiction to politics of hatred.

    do we want such a government?