Confusing thinking on direction of education

Vernacular education remains one of the key punching bags of politicians here. Year after year vernacular education system is either under threat or receiving ad hoc allocations come general or by elections, until Pakatan state administrations initiated fixed annual allocation.

Reading Barisan Nasional leaders' messages even around the same day, can be confusing. See below:


Putrajaya looking at ‘1School’ for unity, harmony
By Asrul Hadi Abdullah Sani

May 02, 2011

KUALA LUMPUR, May 2 — Putrajaya is to study a proposal for a standardised school system dubbed “1School” which is set to re-ignite debate over the necessity of vernacular schools, similar to the arguments when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad initiated the Vision School to enhance unity.

The Malaysian Insider understands that the Youth Development Lab in the Ministry of Youth and Sports has recommended the establishment of a standardised school system called “1School” to promote unity and diversity.

The lab also has requested the Ministry of Education to draft an education standardisation roadmap that will be divided into four phases against the current national primary school system which has parallels with the Mandarin and Tamil school systems.

Sources said the first phase will be a co-ordinated exchange of programmes between vernacular and national schools while the second phase will be the introduction of a third language in both schools.

He said the programme will initially start in selected schools and later implemented at all schooling levels. The choice of a third language will however be based on the school demography.


Uniformity is on the pipeline? See below:


Umno scholarship and college mooted
Monday, 02 May 2011 Combat

(Bernama) - PAPAR: International Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Datuk Mukhriz Tun Dr Mahathir has suggested initiating an 'Umno scholarship' and establishing an 'Umno College' to project the role of the party in youth development.

He accentuated 'Umno' in both proposed endeavours in order that Bumiputras, in particular, could see and appreciate the party's contributions.

He stressed that both institutions must benefit not just children of Umno members, but of every community "whom we also serve".

Since when an education institution bears a politcal party badge and identity? A clear signal of political indoctrination if you ask me.

So which one is it? Uniformity or each defending their own turf?

The answer is probably here:


Suggestion of 10% Non-Bumi Quota Receives Protest
(since everyone loves this issue so much, I can’t resist to lay my opinion)

When it was first suggested that UITM should accept 10% of Non-Bumis, I thought it was cool. Then, the news came about UITM students going on protest – ok, DOUBLE COOL. I thought that it was cool to exercise your rights as students. And I wasn’t bothered the fact that they wanted to keep UITM to themselves.

AND THEN, these UITM students begin to trash-talk the indians and chinese by saying things like they are rich, the have monopolized the economy, they don’t wash their butts, they eat BABI, bla bla. NOW I’M PISSED.


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