Self-contradictory racists examined

Racism is a funny old business in Malaysia. It is the most lucrative and effective political capital as it is easier to teach humans to hate than to love; to despise than to appreciate; and to discredit than to respect.

Especially when the target students are lesser developed in intellectual and reasoning ability.

Mind you this is one of the most difficult post I think I have to write. Explaining plain daylight and obvious stupidity is no mean task.


Perkasa to spearhead 1Melayu, 1Bumi against the Chinese

Perkasa has announced its spearheading of the “1Melayu, 1Bumi” movement, warning Malays that the Chinese were seeking ultimate political power.

In backing Utusan Malaysia’s call for a movement to “unite” all Malay parties, Perkasa secretary-general Syed Hassan Syed Ali said that Malay rights group did not have the “luxury of time” to wait for Malay political parties to initiate action.

“Perkasa will take on the responsibility of spearheading the “1Melayu, 1Bumi” movement, where it is obvious the Chinese, through the DAP are trying to take over the political power of the Malays.


Flaw #1: Chinese are not aftering ultimate political power. Being a minority in Malaysia, there is no chance. Chinese are merely interested in making a comfortable living like dynamic economic conditions, good public amenities, safe environment and good standard of living.

Can Perkasa count properly? How many electoral seats in Malaysia are chinese majority? It is virtually impossible for Chinese to dominate voting pattern in Malaysia.

Why the siege mentality? The following are malays: Bank Negara governor, Ketua Polis Negara, armed forces chiefs, prime and deputy prime ministers, most of the menteri besars, pengerusi Bursa Saham Malaysia, securities commission chairman, director general of income tax, MACC director, speaker of parliament and state assemblies, head of Petronas, chairman of most local banks ..... heck even the president of Malaysia's Institute of Accountants is a malay.

After accusing non-malays for non-existence political conspiracy, and calling non-malays pendatangs, pariahs, sepet, kaki botol and what not, this is the peace sign handed across Najib's 1Malaysia:-


Perkasa tells non-Malays to view it positively

ALOR SETAR, April 25 — Perkasa today said the Chinese and Indian communities should view it in a positive light as it was acting in accordance with the law.

The right-wing Malay group added that there was no secret agenda behind its struggle to defend the rights of Malays.

Kedah Perkasa president Syed Osman Mansor said it fought for Malays because “the Malays have become disunited because of politics.”

He said, however, that Perkasa has improved Malay unity as seen in two large gatherings held in Pasir Mas, Kelantan, and Pasir Salak, Perak, this year.

Syed Osman was speaking ahead of Perkasa’s launch of the 1 Bumiputera campaign this Saturday in the northern state, where he expects 30,000 people to show up.

Perkasa had said it would champion Utusan Malaysia’s call for Malay parties and NGOs to form a 1 Melayu, 1 Bumi movement which the Umno-owned newspaper said was in response to growing Chinese political power due to DAP’s racial politics.


Flaw #2:Why is it ok for Perkasa that Malays should be united under 1 political party while it is not ok for Perkasa that Chinese, according to them anyway, to be united under 1 political party?

There is something called double standard.

Perkasa, and the extreme right wingers can only see things from a racist angle. Everything is race, race and race....truly them are the amazing race!

By most accounts, Chinese in Malaysia and accross the world are practical and analytical. When they assess political parties, they do not look at superficial cosmetics but what the parties stand for. They support political parties who can bring upon justice and good governance so that they can make a living, enjoy life and feel secured materially and spiritually.

Chinese do not vote base on blind loyalty to skin colour. Ask MCA and they will confirm that having the same skin tone do not guarantee votes.

If UMNO adopts DAP's philosophy and DAP adopts UMNO's philosophy then I would gamble that chinese would vote for UMNO and not DAP. Whether BN like it or not, I do see it taking a leaf or 2 from the Buku Jingga which they oenly despise.

And as an indication of the level of reasoning capability of the political right wingers, they expect the targets of their threats, taunts, slander and libel to take them in a positive light. You can't expect the person you have bullied and insulted to feel friendly to you, right?

BN, as the administrator for the nation for more than half a century, is responsible for the national policies, institutions and implementation of such policies. They are directly responsible and accountable for the living conditions we tax payers are served with.

Judging by the spate of engineered social tension such as the cow head protest, church fire bombing, rise of the right wingers without checks, crime wave, poor intellect and inability to reason by a significant segment of the population, BN has failed the tax payers in bringing Malaysia to the promised land of harmony, physical as well as mental progress and prosperity depsite being blessed with huge natural resources, diversified and talented population, being in natural-disaster-free region.

It seems that the political front that relies too much and too long on racism to maintain power has nearly run its course. Continuing this colonial style political mentality with make Malaysia a laughing stock of the world and arrest its development significantly. Time to change. Either BN changes its reliance on racism as a political currency, or BN could well be changed.


  1. It would seemed that these extremist right-wingers are carried away by their boiling emotions. But be aware that their backers are watching very carefully in the wings with calculating eyes to see how far they could take it.

    They would do ANYTHING just to maintain power. Their very lives depended on it.

    Good write-up.



    written by NottyMaus, April 27, 2011 01:05:40

    Toon A.Razak ochestrated 513 to take over from Tunku Abdul Rahman.

    Now it appears like Moomoonyiddin is urging Perkasa to do 513 Ver.2 to take over from Najib.

    Power crazy malays !
    +12 ...
    written by Midvalley, April 26, 2011 23:25:58

    Just look at that brainless Melayu in the picture opening his mouth a big hole only.
    Hey Perkasa Lorry and Yee Brih Him Go from your 1bumi 1night soil in the end all will disagree and fight among themselves. Haaaa the more NGo the better for us GO ON Go for it.
    1 lang chew and 1 choon thoy for all we care.
    May 13 / 2 will be Melayu fighting Melayu which is happening now. Stupid
    +12 ...
    written by IbnAbdHalim, April 26, 2011 22:37:33

    Hello Najib! What happened to your 1Malaysia?

    Perkasa decides or you decide?

    Who is in charge?

    Isn't ISA applicable here? Oops! Sorry please don't use ISA. Just banish them if you really have the power.
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    written by datuk tanah, April 26, 2011 21:42:37

    Perkasa is inciting a racial riot. They are hoping that Chinese or Indians will draw first blood in their rally. They are provoking and mocking the Chinese and Indians to anger. Let Perkasa draw the first blood. For now it is important that Chinese and Indians ignore Perkasa's protest. Any confrontation will be dire for the nation.

  4. thanks, Anom #1

    Anom #2 - i believe u are right because for all their provocation, how many passer bys join up?

    If Pakatan supporters got rounded by because of holding candles, drinking black coffee or Hindraf just wanting to hand a teddy bear to come the above demented nuisance can be left alone ?

  5. I was touched by what happened tonight in Singapore:

    30,000 of Singaporean, united, with fist on the chest, to pledge for building a fair and democratic society despite of races, languages, etc.

  6. YouTube video -

  7. well, the opposition lost and i understand some voters just want to bum numbers from their voting slips to get a 4 digit shooting chance at lady luck!