Screwed up Government with screwed up policies

Sunday Star 24 April 2011. Dr Mahathir- '...Dr Mahathir said the Government must continue to provide more trade and business opportunities for the Chinese to regain their support..'

No need la. We all breath the same air. I am quite capable of making a living and contributing to the economy in terms of technical knowledge and taxes. On the other hand, I would greatly appreciate if the Government stops harassing me everyday indirectly for not being a Malay. That's why come any elections I will place the "X" anywhere but the BN logo.

The Malaysian Chinese will support any government which:

  1. Stop playing dirty in elections.
  2. Stop harassing the Christian public by letting them call God 'Allah'- the Muslims do not own the word 'Allah'.
  3. Stop harassing the Christian public by letting them buy/ import Bibles in BM freely.
  4. Stop harassing the Malaysian Chinese by stopping the daily racism in the media such as the daily crap from Utusan Malaysia or Rizdhuan Tee.
  5. Stop threatening the Malaysian Chinese if the BN poorly performs in by elections/ state elections/ general elections.
  6. Stop the race selection criteria in government scholarships
  7. Stop protecting the racist Malay papers by giving stupid excuses. There is no such thing as personal opinion when the opinion is made public.
  8. Stop DBKL from collecting protection money from non-Malay street hawkers, stop the close-one eye attitude on Malay hawkers without trading licenses.
  9. Stop the housing special discounts for Malays.
  10. Stop the propaganda that Malays are mundur

Anything that I missed out here?

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