First instance of NEM at work?

According to page 112 of the NEM 200 ++ pages booklet, "The NEAC assigns a large measure of importance to the government’s proper management of the political situation. Peace and harmony must be preserved in Malaysia in the midst of the likely disruptions from the NEM. This might involve not only close consultations within the political partners of the government but also conscious efforts to forge bipartisan interaction"

Nice words but given the Parliament Speakers' history of constantly disallowing opposition motions, punitive actions on opposition politicians (red card for Tony Pua for standing up while how many BN MPs been referred to Committee of Privilege you can remember?) and seemingly "protecting" BN from debates and disclosure, or even plainly displaying their bias. Come on lah, BN has ruled Malaysia for 50 ++ years surely they can hold their own in engaging, debating and winning over the opposition in Parliament without resorting to Speakers' protection?

Or given the inequal quality available amongst the rank of BN and Pakatan Rakyat, proper debate is a course of action best avoided by a ruling coalition that constantly flaunt its impeccable track record and engage in sloganeering?

The proof of NEM pie is in the eating and the Speaker has, in my impression, not live up to the document. We also heard stories about how Pakatan MPs were barred from distributing masks to schools during H1N1 crises, or even a school in Melaka not accepting donations from PR for whatever rational reasons....

Together with the emergence and tacit support available to PERKASA, NEM has really gotten off an inauspicious start or do we have to wait for consultation and formulation first?

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