Officer was subjected to racist slurs

 27th October 2008
The Western Telegraph
 Racial remarks directed at a dark-skinned Police Constable landed a 21-year-old Pembroke Dock man in court today (Monday).
Crown Prosecutor Simon Stephenson told magistrates at Haverfordwest that Michael Paul Davies of 22, Front Street, said to the officer: "You're not Welsh, I hope the US bombard your family, you f.... Arab."
The constable was with colleagues called to a disturbance in Ferry Lane in the early hours of Monday May 19th.
Davies ran off but was caught and handcuffed when the remark was made. He continued to be abusive in the police vehicle shouting: "Take these cuffs off you f..... black b....." The officer said he found the remarks distressing.
Davies' solicitor Alun Morgan said he recognised he had an alcohol problem and it was when he had been drinking that he behaved in this manner. He produced a character reference from his employers. Imposing a Community Order for 12 months with supervision and 100 hours of unpaid work, the magistrates said this would run consecutive with a previous order imposed in June, the 65 hours remaining on that order to be added to the new hours. There would be no separate penalties for the original offences of being drunk and disorderly, possessing amphetamine and assaulting a constable. He was also ordered to pay £40 costs.


  1. oh my. i think this is a norm in western countries esp in the states. back home, you'll be taken in under ISA... :P

  2. This happened just 12 miles down the road from where I live in Tenby Pembrokeshire

  3. Thanks for visiting, guys.
    Calvin- Me thinks ISA has pretty selective victims!
    Pembrokeshire- thanks for visiting!!