Dear DSAI, how would you like to be remembered in History?

I have been restless today. Knowing that RPK appears in court, but unable to make it there, I've been sitting in front of the computer trying to get things done but more frequently surfing the blogs for the latest news and sightings of RPK.

Ironic, that RPK put his life and liberty on the line not only for the country, but also to ensure DSAI had the support he needed. RPK knew that he would be arrested, and he could forsee that the only possible release of his detention would be if PR took over. He sounded confident that they Sept 16 seems like a dream.

That sensation of having a good dream, and waking up to harsh reality seems to be dawning on Malaysian citizens. Some were cynical from the beginning, some were believers from the start, some could not help but be swept into the wave of euphoria and hope that Anwar had cast upon us.

Now, RPK has been sent to Kamunting, and Anwar has not breathed a word for at least 2 weeks.

I hope that Anwar better have a proper transition plan, not just for our sake but also for his own legacy, because failure to bring about change as he so eloquently put forward will be in short nothing less than political suicide.

History is written by the victors, and only will the victorious be remembered in history as legends, heroes and martyrs. The losers will forever be rebels, traitors and 'shit-stirrers'.

So Anwar, I wonder what history will remember you as? I personally hope its the former; for the sake of us, our nation and for RPK and all the other ISA detainees.


  1. Dear Seo Ju,

    Wow! I see you were very agitated today huh. I actually could imagine the cat on a hot tin roof.

    There are many ways of supporting RPK and showing up at his trial is just one of them. Holding a lighted candle in the dark of the night, with hot wax dripping on your fingers, is also just one of the ways.

    Being cool is another. RPK knew of the consequences and was prepared for any repercussions. Please show the man greater respect by at least giving him the credit of knowing that public outcry alone will not extricate him from gaol or civil liability.

    Worse still if you think he has tied his freedom to Anwar Ibrahim just because he wrote about it days before his ISA arrest.

    Over-throwing a government of frogs is not easy even in frog-loving France. As a student of law you of all people should not be so naive.

    Please read:


    Uncle Cheah

  2. I don't see anything wrong with Kell's posting, wise one. I appreciate your frank comments, but watch it as not be too harsh too kill the spirit of things and using words like 'naive' and so on.

  3. Hey kid, welcome to the naked world of blogging. If you cannot stand the heat then get out of the kitchen.

    There are two opposing views to spirit building; I for one do not believe in that leaves the other.

    My dear friend, mentoring should not be about patronizing.

    Please go read:

    Maybe then you will get my drift.

  4. This is not mentoring, more like bullying. No I don't get your drift- thank goodness many will not agree with your posting too.

  5. I meant you trying to be a mentor. Duh!

  6. Ok, calm down you people...

    Firstly it is my post, so I shall take this opportunity to defend my post, and clarify my position.

    Please remember, that many people have differing opinions and when we come across these opinions we may not always be able to share the same sentiments, yet we must be able to 'agree to disagree'.

    Uncle Cheah, thank you for taking the time to read my postings and leaving a comment, it is an honour and I appreciate your input greatly. I shall clarify my position shortly.

    RWM, thank you for trying to defend me, I understand your sentiments and I deeply appreciate it. Obviously both of you have different ways of expressing support and care, and you may not agree to each other's ways but like I said, 'agree to disagree'.

    When I blog, any kind of comment is welcomed and by posting my thoughts to the public I should be able to accept what the public says. Constructive criticism is good for us to reflect on why we say the things we say.

    When I say I want a change of government, I do know that it is not something that can be one overnight...especially wrestling power from a government that has been around since independence.Due steps and procedures must be taken. But I am not advocating the impossible either, it has been done before, although not in this nation.

    I think just the idea that this change is a possibility has created milestones in the history of our nation. 20 years ago, we would not have envisaged the March 8 elections happening.

    Perhaps I am naive in thinking that we should push this possibility a step further and turn it into reality. But then, there seems to be a very thin line between being naive and being idealistic, perhaps we have to be a little bit naive to preserve our idealism.

    When I say RPK's liberty is tied to Anwar's takeover, it is because Anwar has promised to abolish the ISA and release the detainees 'when' he comes into power. Unfortunately this rhetoric is not echoed by the government in power. This does not mean that a third front can't emerge and deliver the same promises, however judging on present circumstances and choices this is the only possibility.

    But I am not that naive to believe that if PR takes over everything will be a bed of roses, that is why it is so important that we continue watching and criticizing.

    However, Uncle Cheah you are spot-on on one point. I was writing in agitation and out of frustration. And we do need to keep cool to preserve an objective viewpoint. Also perhaps by keeping cool we will be able to clarify our position better.

    And one point on mentoring, I take everyone I meet with age, wisdom and experience as a mentor. I find a bit of a mentor in everyone I meet. However, someone told me a while back that it is time I mentor myself, which is what I have been trying to do for the past 2 years.

    Having said that, I take full responsibility for all my postings and thoughts but please keep the comments coming because I am shaped by the thoughts and opinions surrounding me, and the more I have of it, the more wholesome my thoughts can be.

  7. That is the spirit Seo Ju! No worries; I am as calm as a "cool cucumber". :o)

    To me, one of the objects of So-Po blogging is to challenge established thought. Having said that, I recently told a dear friend who is a self-confessed idealist that "idealists die perfect deaths". She said that was too much for her to expect.

    Blogging is a relatively new frontier and in many ways it is merely a tool for expression. Activism is another kettle of fish altogether and is as old as society itself.

    Mentoring? Well, it is a big responsibility and mentors, whether self-appointed or otherwise should realize that from the outset. Mentoring oneself? Hmmm...I am afraid I don't understand that concept. Maybe you meant as what you said, "I am shaped by the thoughts and opinions surrounding me, and the more I have of it, the more wholesome my thoughts can be". If that be the case, I cannot fault you.

    I am reminded of my last conversation to you, Seo Ju, I said; "go deep and wide". That to me, is always a good way to start.

    Keep it up. Cheers!

    Uncle Cheah

  8. My dear friend,

    I share the same feeling while reading this post. I must say I have been disappointed but it does not mean I'm done with it and accepting "reality". Although I am far away, I am aware of what's going on and I hope we will all put our efforts together.

    You're right in saying we must keep our heads cool. In the midst of all the talks about PM resignation, I think it's still important that we are aware that a mere change of PM may not change the corrupted system in Malaysia.

    As the oppositions perform their duties as check and balance and I think as citizens and bloggers, we need to be always alert of what is going on. Spread the news and be informed.

    Keep writing.


  9. "... the more wholesome my thoughts can be."

    What i have read thus far is all "wholesome." Thinking of and aiming to write otherwise? Don't even think it, girl. You are doing just fine. Avoid the x-rated stuff please. ;-) hehe

  10. Thank you ewoon and povege for keeping the courage in me to blog. I truly do believe 'you are shaped by the people around you' and the phrase 'birds of a feather flock together' comes to my mind as well. So to all of you who have been so kind in allowing me to intrude into your social circles thank you for keeping my thoughts and ideals 'wholesome'. By the way, 'agree to disagree' is the favourite quote of ewoon aka IamMalaysian. See, I'm learning everyday from the people around me!

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