Two sides of the coin

It seems fresh graduates of Malaysia in the 21st century have mostly been perceived as a rotten basket of apples. With the lights of student leaders making the most silly remarks about white school uniforms, and most recently yet again another racist remark by the wonderful UM graduate, who again fails not to remind me just how unwanted I am in this country:

Therefore, I as the Head of Graduates of University of Malaya would like to advice all our fellow graduates of University of Malaya to combine forces and prepare ourselves together with all the necessary knowledge and preparation before we continue our fight in the actual battle field. This advice implies mainly to our Malay Graduates. We must treasure the sacrifices made by our ancestors which tried so hard to ensure that Tanah Melayu ( Malay Land ) is free from the intrusion of alien races. We must not fall into the category of those who forgets their roots until they will be taken over by other races. Graduates must prove themselves that we are capable and the best choice to take over the throne of governing the country in the future. This implies with the theme of MPMUM Progressive, Dynamic, Professional. There is nothing more important that can compared to our always-sensitive and improving Graduates. I also would like to advice all Malay Graduates to prepare ourselves in facing all sorts of unpredicted challenges that may occur in near future, relating to the rise of our fellow citizens, in particular to the non-Malay races. Don’t let ourselves slack and allow our “enemies under the blankets to attack us” (direct translation from the Malay idiom). Don’t allow our Malaysia to fall into the hands of those who are irrelevant.

Again, I am reminded that I am an ALIEN and an ENEMY of the people. Me, who among my peers care most about bringing this country to a better, more competitive level which is eminent in this 'dog eat dog', 'survival of the fittest' world. I am your enemy. I will rob you. I will bring you to poverty. And I am categorized to be enemy of the state, because by no fault of my own, I was born in this country, with this skin colour, at this unfortunate time. This seems to be the ongoing trend of local graduates which I am glad to say most people share the same view on condemning them.

But let me again, seek to convince you that not all young Malaysians are warped and unthinking just like these rotten apples. I have been meeting many young Malaysians overseas, mostly professionals through the wonderful contraption called Facebook.

It delights me to find that there are many of them, although overseas because of better opportunities there(duh!) are very much in touch with the going-ons in our country. They, just as much as me love this country and do not want to see it go to ruin. These are young talents, hoping that Malaysia will progress to a better place so that they can come home and contribute to our country. Therefore, not all hope is lost. Not all of us young ones have rotten coconuts for heads and talents will return.

But for that to happen we must get rid of this age-old conditioning used by weak people who are afraid of challenge and moving forward. Instead they suppress others to show superiority and surround themselves with bigger idiots to make themselves feel smart. In today's world moving towards globalism, this idea will collapse, and they will drag us down with them.

So please, to all the people who know how to know where you stand.