Protest on fuel hike went well

I am happy to state I was there! Was it for a good cause? the answer is yes. Was it politically motivated? I don't think that's relevant because even if the opposition was involved in it, we gathered for a common cause; A PROTEST ON FUEL HIKE. So it does not matter whether we are politically inclined, or NGO inclined, or just regular individuals, we were there because we felt the pinch of rising costs of living and stagnating salaries. So I am proud to say that I've done my part by showing up even if the protest speeches seemed to be more of an 'anti-BN' slur.

And being the first official protest that I've attended, I must say that Malaysians are showing great levels of maturity. The crowd was peaceful, strangers were talking to each other like old friends, and I felt a certain warmth and friendliness towards everyone there. However I heard some talk that there was an attack on a rock band earlier, I can't clarify since I only arrived at about 8.00 pm.

Perhaps the most memorable was the fact that the demographic of protesters was so diverse that it really was a mini Malaysia. From people of all ages, from all walks of life, whether urbanites or laid back country folk, they showed up regardless of race, religion, or economic status. And I was most surprised to see many groups who were probably around my age group, i.e. 18-24 who showed up bearing the colours of red and showing great interest in the plight of the nation. We even had a youth who came all the way from Sarawak proudly bearing his state's flag.

This really was an eye-opener for me and I am glad to be a participant, even if it was just to add to the number of people there, although, the helicopters flying overhead are a bit of a distraction.

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