Trial of the Century, Trial at Wangsa Maju

I picked up an interesting piece of news on Time magazine titled 'Malaysia's Trial on the Century'. It's about the Razak Baginda case, played out in Malaysia's kangaroo courts. On a bigger picture, with the Elections 2008 looming over the horizon, our country is at trial too. Leadership tested and failed. We need to change the leadership starting from where we are, Wangsa Maju, right up to the Parliment. I am not politically affiliated but will assist the change machinery for the greater of good.

I am also at trial. My trial and tribulations are:
  • not having the sense of security while walking out to the nearest 7-Eleven. I look around for suspicious motorcyles.
  • having my tyres balanced after going over a damn pothole- I thought BN constituencies get good roads but what the heck happened at Wangsa Maju. Sleeping PM, sleeping wakil rakyat too?

There are more serious stuff I dislike but I'd talk about it later.

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