'Call me Choo Keong'

I first met Wee Choo Keong, the PKR calon for Wangsa Maju wakil rakyat at the PKR ceramah in Wangsa Melawati on the 27th February 2008. I must say he's cut a good first impression with his people skills, humility ('call me Choo Keong') and energy. This is the guy I'll vote for. It's not that I can compare him with Yew Teong Look, the incumbent wakil rakyat as I've never got close to him before. Anyway it's too late. I've made that decision. If we need to deny the 2/3 majority, we'd better send in good quality soldiers to fight our fight.


  1. Hi,
    i was at Mr Wee's event at section 1 where Anwar was also there to speak. The crowd started of slowly but once Anwar was speaking the crowd got bigger till i couldnt see the end of it

    All i can say is that from the current mood, if it can be maintain til 8th march, Bn will have a difficult time to maintain their majority of 2/3. The people are now more aware of thier rights and what BN have done to them.. hopefully we can get a fair n clean election, even though i doubt it will be one..

    lets all support for a better wangsa maju n malaysia!

  2. Yes, Anwar has quite a huge following . There are some points that we can pick up from him on public speaking as well. The people here are tired of a sleeping YAB, tired of becoming robber victims, tired of failed basic amenities, tired of potholes (why so many in WM huh??? Lorry banyak ke).

    After we change our area, we'll change our country. Hidup Malaysia!

  3. ~sigh..i hate to say this..you are ungrateful person..count every single money that gonverment had help us..countless..

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  4. You are quite wrong. The government helped themselves more than they have helped me. In fact, I have helped myself more than the government helped me. I have worked for my money and contributed to taxes. I'm benefiting injustice, corruption, lies, crime, discrimination and so on. If that's the case, we'd better state a case for change.

  5. If you are from Sarawak you'd know that it's a state of high natural resources, plundered for many years by the capital state. I won't go into the details because the forum is too short, but for decades, resources are taken out, in exchange for promises of development. The development could be far better from I what I could see. Your forests come to mind.. they are almost gone now. Yes, there are fewer concessions to harvest timber to protect the jungles but it is too late.

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