Janji Ditepati Part 2

Najib administration’s initial flagship i.e. promise was the expensively financed research project New Economic Model. It was a well written piece and carries plenty of good ideas. The PM promised us the NEM will usher us to a better new place.
KUALA LUMPUR: The New Economic Model (NEM) unveiled by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak Tuesday will generate benefits for all Malaysians, irrespective of race under its inclusive growth goal and approach.
After being torpedoed by the ring wingers, we rarely see the abbreviates NEM nowadays. It is easier to force feed 1Malaysia here there and everywhere.
Malays reject NEM, Perkasa tells PM
By Syed Jaymal ZahiidMay 30, 2010
KUALA LUMPUR, May 30 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak was told bluntly in the face by Perkasa chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali that the Malays have rejected the New Economic Model (NEM), which the prime minister later clarified has yet to be finalised.
Ibrahim, who chaired the Malay Consultative Council (MPM) congress yesterday which passed a resolution rejecting the NEM, was relentless and at times scathing when he fired his salvo towards Najib before some 1,500 council members at PWTC last night.
“I am sad to say, Datuk Seri, the congress has rejected the NEM,” said the Pasir Mas MP while looking at an unsmiling but composed Najib, who is due to table the NEM as part of the 10th Malaysia Plan on June 10.

And 2 years down the road, the promise for "benefits for all Malaysians, irrespective of race under its inclusive growth goal and approach" becomes....
Utusan wants May 13 film released as planned
 Utusan Malaysia has urged the National Film Development Board (Finas) to release Shuhaimi Baba's film Tanda Putera as scheduled on September 13.

 So what was the NEM promises? There are a a lot.....base on the dazzling boxes, circles and arrows below. Nice words, not unlike pre-election fishing talks 

Let's pick and look at one set of promises out of the many, many.

With regards to Open Tender:
the biggest investment Najib administration has tied down the Malaysian public for decades will be the MRT project.
The promise for Open Tender, glamourly and loudly launched, comes into light in reality. Lets follow this development:-
Friday, June 29, 2012
Najib denies interfering in Ampang LRT deal
KUALA LUMPUR, June 29 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak denied today having a hand in the selection of George Kent for the RM1 billion Ampang Light Rail Transit (LRT) extension project, insisting that the process was “done properly.”
George Kent JV gets EPCC job for Ampang LRT extension
KUALA LUMPUR: Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd has awarded the George Kent-Lion Pacific joint venture the contract to undertake the system works for the Ampang LRT line extension project.

Prasarana should declassify George Kent award documents, says Pua

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 3 — The DAP’s Tony Pua today called for Syarikat Prasarana Negara Bhd to declassify documents related to the controversial Ampang Line LRT extension deal, saying that it must prove that the George Kent consortium is the “most worthy” bidder.

The state-owned infrastructure company had on Tuesday announced that the George Kent-Lion Pacific joint venture (GKLP-JV) had won the deal, which George Kent yesterday said is worth RM956 million.

PKR’s strategy chief Rafizi Ramli has repeatedly accused the prime minister of allegedly interfering in the tender bid and granting the multimillion contract to George Kent, which he claimed was controlled by a “close associate” of the prime minister and which also scored one of the lowest points in the technical and commercial evaluation for the project.


With regards to cost savings:

With the negative budgets and mountaining nationa debt,s there is never ever going to be any savings….and with those annual horror stories reported in the annual auditor general reports.

Funny though, the promises that was not delivered by federal administration seems to be delivered by some inexperience rag tag bunch that according to a 50 plus years old veteran, will run the countries into ruin, total chaos and anarchy.

“The idea for ‘Jom Shopping’ was mooted in June when the state government discovered that Kumpulan Semesta Sdn Bhd (KSSB), the state-owned sand-mining concession holder, had recorded RM20mil net profit for the first half of 2011 from the sale of sand,” said Selangor Welfare, Women Affairs, Science, Technology and Innovation committee chairman Rodziah Ismail.
“After some discussions, it was agreed that the RM20mil would be channelled into several initiatives - RM10mil for ‘Jom Shopping’, RM5mil as scholarships for state government employees whose children are pursuing tertiary education, while another RM5mil is yet to be decided.”


On the other hand, up north in Penang, the old folks are getting RM100 payouts and hard core poor are getting monthly support to raise their monthly income to RM500. With minimal national tax revenue being channel back to respective state government, how does the Pakatan Rakyat Penang State Government led by a former convict do it?

Penang has benefited from a clean government. It is not just praise for good financial management from the Auditor-General or from Transparency International for implementing open tenders and fighting corruption. Penang has recorded budget surpluses for the state government, MPPP and MPSP since 2008.
Frankly it is embarassing for a self-proclaiming and self-praising old geezer to fail to deliver his grand promises, and somehow, a youngster comes along and achieve what the old geezer promised and more....

The Mother of all Janjis shifted from Wawasan 2020 to 1Malaysia.

No matter how grand Wawasan 2020 was, the moment Mahathir administration is history, Wawasan 2020 along with its expensive promotional materials also disappear. Most probably 1Malaysia will head the same way.
Among the previous Janji was:
(i)  Mewujudkan negara Malaysia bersatu yang mempunyai matlamat yang serupa dan dikongsi bersama. Ia mesti menjadi negara yang aman, berintegrasi di peringkat wilayah dan kaum, hidup dalam harmoni, berkerjasama sepenuhnya, secara adil dan didokong oleh satu bangsa Malaysia yang mempunyai kesetiaan politik dan dedikasi kepada negara;

 (iii)  Mewujud dan membangunkan masyarakat demokratik yang matang, ……
 (v)  Mewujudkan masyarakat liberal dan bertolak ansur, rakyat pelbagai kaum bebas mengamalkan adat, kebudayaan dan kepercayaan agama masing-masing dan pada masa yang sama, meletakkan kesetiaan mereka kepada satu negara;

What happen to i) - berintegrasi di peringkat wilayah dan kaum, hidup dalam harmoni?

This is amazing....he ran the country with Wawasan 2020 thingy and later claim that the country is more racist than every ...some legacy he left behind, and what a delivery record!
M'sia is more racist than before, says Dr M, but who was the Father of Racism?
Former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad predicts that the next general election will be all about race because Malaysia has become more racist than before.

Pix: Top Wawasan 2020 salesman turn Perkasa Mascot, the last time someone waved a keris before GE........

Division according to states is a long existing issue, from the inadequate oil royalty payments to prejudice against Pakatan Rakyat controlled states.
Sarawak is 3rd poorest while Sabah is the poorest. That is a difficult fact to swallow because we all know that Sarawak and Sabah has oil and gas but then why are we being made the poorest in Malaysia. ……..
The 5% royalty for oil and 15% for gas is grossly insufficient because of our land size. The BN Government is forcing us to swallow nonsensical reasoning that our population is sparse and isolated therefor we cannot be developed easily. The fact is, the royalty given to us is not enough to develop the two country.
Of course the latest discrimination of state is the seemingly unreal water crises in Selangor. With such high Non Water Revenue and abundant rain fall, there is every reason for Syabas straighten out its service delivery before talking about more white elephants and not having a strategic timing for water rationing exercise.

What happen to iii) - masyarakat demokratik yang matang, ……
A picture is worth a thousand words:-

 The best of their intellectuals have to offer

  Asses in front of Ambiga's house

Perkasa's stupid funeral - they got the timing, location and religion all wrong.....
What happen to V) - liberal dan bertolak ansur, rakyat pelbagai kaum bebas mengamalkan adat, kebudayaan dan kepercayaan agama masing-masing

well, we have teachers with "balik China" remarks, church bombing, cow head protests, the Allah word ownership tussle (unique in Malaysia but none issue in Egypt, Indonesia and everywhere else)

More alarmingly the spate of political violence that saw assault till hospitalisation of Ng See Lum, the wakil rakyat of Sekinchan, attack on Anwar Ibrahim and Nurul Izzah, violence in Penng during the anti Lynas gathering and also gangster interupting ABU seminar notably in Klang etc

Janji Ditepati....,very impressive track record for us to consider when casting votes.