Volunteering with favours

I am very surprised by this latest beating of my tax money.


PM: RM100mil 'seed money' for IM4U volunteer programme

KUALA LUMPUR: A special RM100mil fund will set up to spearhead the 1Malaysia For Youth (IM4U) programme, in a bid to instill a greater spirit of volunteerism amongst the nation's youth, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced Sunday.

He said the fund, named Dana Sukarelawan 1Malaysia (DRe1M), will be managed by a special task force with administration and distribution of allocation done online.

He also said he would personally head an IM4U board of trustees to oversee the smooth running of the youth volunteer programmes.


He also announced that 2013 will be declared the Year of Volunteerism to further instill the spirit of volunteerism amongst youth.

More than 50,000 youths are participating in a variety of 16 volunteer programmes in Klang Valley and Selangor.

In order to be doubly sure about my grouse, I checked dictionary

1. a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking.
2. a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.
Now if volunteerism is the order of the day, why RM100million budget?
For 16 programmes and 50,000 head count, that is RM6.25million per event and RM2,000 per volunteer.Yet, volunteer means FOC.
When Pakatan Rakyat component parties organise events, you will see many youths popping up and assist. Knowing the scant resources they command, now those are real volunteers...3 cheers to them
Volunteers hoisting "Free Teresa Kok"  banner in 2008
Pasukan Amal from Pas (maroon coloured shirts) forming a wall to lead the Bersih marchers and they protected the undergraduates who were assaulted in Dataran Merdeka.

By the way don't we have a Youth and Sports Ministry? This would be overlapping against existing ministry, overrriding his own minister and is this RM100million part of additional RM10.2 bil, which makes the September 2011 annual budget for 2012 a mockery?


Three months into 2012, Najib seeks additional RM10.2 bil

“Where will the money come from?” was the question on everyone's lips when prime minister Najib Razak announced his RM232 billion 2012 budget last year.

But only a quarter into 2012, he will be seeking a parliamentary approval for RM10.29 billion in supplemental budget this week.


Najib administration must account to all Malaysians where these RM100million goes to.
  • what was paid for,
  • who got the contracts
  • and what was the end result.
Remember, the RM100million is just for one year
By the way, RM100 million is about half the original development budget of Youth and Sports Ministry.....how can the 50 plus years administration made gross ommission of programmes when they first made the budget?
So this must be unplanned, unbudgeted mega undertaking....right before GE.....forget the 3 questions above-lah...

Or, for argument's sake - about 20% of the ministry's operating budget. Try telling your boss 6 months after the budget that you need additional 20% and see what colourful language comes out.......
At RM2,000 per headcount will we get a better environment? Political violence in Malaysia has reached an unprecedent heights with attacks on opposition politicians or citizens who make their learned stance well known.
Stop wasting tax money and stopping nonsense below, do not require money but just plain refrain from violent and gutter politics. Is the responsible leaders able to do so?

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