Self cannibalization: the latest political tool to win at all costs

According to this report by China Press, which surely would not make it even to the dust bins of Utusan Malaysia  sub editors, an  interesting elector roll management trend” (to call it politely) has emerged in Seremban.
"110 Phantoms moved into 16 empty houses
Anthony Loke reveals yet again elector roll irregularities"

On the right: if all complaints are raised, fee of RM8,320 is payable. More waste of money, it seems.

On line version here:

From an inspection of the recently released 2011 Q3 supplementary electors roll, Anthony Loke, the MP for Rasah, discovered that:
·         110 voters were transferred into Temiang state constituency , bearing addresses of 16 vacant houses in Taman Bukit Zamrud, Seremban
·         Some of the vacant houses have “for sale/rent” signs hanging at the gate
·         6 females and 1 male were transferred to address no. 126, Taman Bukit Zamrud . Apart from one aged around the twenties, the rest were more than 50 years old. Among the 7, 2 were taken from Paroi, 2 from Jempol and 1 from Senawang
·         Majority of the transferred voters are Indians, with some Chinese as well.

The above makes interesting reading.
Obviously this is not the work of Pakatan Rakyat. The motive is obvious, moving voters into one of Pakatan’s constituency as signs of a snap election reaches fever pitch.
Who would be doing such a thing? By moving voters to a Pakatan stronghold, such voters could be supporters of Pakatan’s opponent (voluntarily or otherwise)s. Lobak parliament constituency which Temiang state assembly constituency is attached to,  is a DAP stronghold and it is a battlefield between DAP and MCA. Paroi and Jempol, meanwhile are contested by UMNO traditionally.
Does this mean that one BN component is taking support away from another in the above instance? Looks like self-cannibalization to me. I wonder how would the other party view this latest development?
I would also wonder, who are these people who willingly or being forced to participate in such a scheme? Are they aware that they might be guilty of a variety of offences, including giving false information to statutory bodies concerning the real address of their residence? If these people are being mislead or coerced into this, then the mastermind and organizers should be brought to task.
If I am the bona fide of these houses, I would be alarmed. In order to get EC to register them as a voter residing in my house, these people who have to change their address in their IC to my home's address.
Are they guilty of trespassing into my house? If they committed any offence, the police would be banging on my door. If they borrow from loan sharks and unable to pay, then my house could be subject to the customary vandalism acts.
This is a most selfish act of a bunch of power craze people. There are so many victims who have been or would be mislead – the JPN, the EC or parties relying on the address information. It won’t help police tracking down these IC holders if they have committed a crime hence denying justice to any crime victims. It seems that some people know no boundaries as they pursue their selfish agenda.

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    written by vhari, November 05, 2011 15:23:41

    If the respective person makes police report than transfer was not with his permission.Then SPR has to answer.
    written by eloofk, November 04, 2011 21:41:50

    Would any investigative reporters descend onto Taman Bukit Zamrud, Seremban to conduct interviews with the recent occupiers of the 16 houses mentioned, to establish their identities as well as the identities of the houses' owners to find out the truth. I suspect cheating comes the GE.

    Comes Polling Day, i'm afraid that UMNO agents will come to ferry and escort them to the Polling Station Station and be instructed to vote BN/UMNO candidates and where to mark the crosses.