Register to vote! Look at those frogs who surrender the nation without a fight

There is no shortage of science fiction movies that show aliens assuming human form to take over the planet. Laughable Hollywood stuffs it maybe, but in Bolehland, this threat seems to be very real, very terrifying.

I refer to Kuek Ser Keng’s report entitled “PR becomes Citizens in four hours” which reported that a person with the name of Mismah (NRIC 640704715238) had collected her red RR card, base on status report of NRD online verification system as at 5:48pm 1 August 2011 and 11:30am 2 August 2011.

Shockingly, after 4 hours at 3pm 2 August 2011, the status report revealed that the same person had collected her blue IC – Mykad! She is also registered as a new voter on EC’s voters’ roll. (Later status revised to : sedang diproses, more display of surprising efficiency)

This is incomprehensible. When a Malaysian reaches 21 years old, he or she has to take the time and trouble to register with the EC and wait for a few good months before getting onto the voters’ roll, if the registration is successful.
The report also revealed that 52 such cases where discovered, impacting Lembah Pantai (6 cases), Bandar Tun Razak (1), Segambut (5), Titiwangsa (28), Batu (8), Wangsa Maju (4). These are known cases only and hitting constituencies held by Pakatan Rakyat.

Coupled with the high 40% disqualification rate of new voters registration brought in primarily by political parties (but the E.C. did not disclose the breakdown of disqualified numbers between the political parties), one wonders if there should be any more doubt as to the legitimacy for Bersih’ s outcry.

And the above case clearly cast grave doubt over the credibility of the much touted and very expensive biometric system. The IC above would no doubt pass the hardware hurdle but human check and control, in the form of polling agent, could be seriously jeopardized, the interest of candidate and genuine voters undermined.

Perhaps EC have a case to prefer this biometric system over indelible ink? By the way, who is the approved supplier for the hardware and software for this biometric system? Was the chosen supplier the best alternative out of at least 3 quotations so insisted upon by MACC as revealed by in the Teoh Beng Hock RCI report?

The EC did come up with their version of events and explanation about the Mismah case but then again, while EC says it turn away a lot of new voters, how come this pop up?


Pengundi P Pinang lonjak 32,000 dalam 3 bulan

And this is after the Prime Minister and Home Minister repeatedly labeling Bersih movement with less than complimentary captions, PDRM arresting tax payers and legitimate voters who wear any symbol associated with this movement. And given the startling revelations for the past few days, suspected malpractices far exceeding the gravity of the issues highlighted by Bersih have surfaced.

How many Malaysians might feel that it is better to be a foreigner who entered the country illegally than to be born here and being discriminated by wrong association or heritage?


14,801 Illegal Immigrants Registered on First day of 6P Programme

When I walked about trying to register real Malaysians as voters, I encountered many arrogant youths who just refused to look at me, became stoned faced and assumed a posture that he or she is above politics, an angel with invisible wings on their back and unseen shinning rings above their head.

I marvel as these frogs in the slowly bowling pot which are not even capable of basic courtesy such as a simple “thanks but no thanks”.

They may think they are clean if they stay clear of dirty politics but politics affect them in so many ways and there is no way out; the electricity bills, toll charges, transportation expense levied on their fancy handphones and attire, their employment and career opportunities, the quality of public amenities etc.

They are not worthy of Mismah, who I deduce according to EC's explanation, would have collected her MyKad and took the trouble to find out where to register as a voter and made a bee line to get this over with.
I feel sorry for those deserving, admirable and towering Malaysians.

These self perceived paragons of virtues are not fit to lace the boots of Teoh Beng Hock, the PSM 6, the numerous P.A.s of YBs, some of the opposition YBs, the Bersih participants and so many more who sacrificed and bore risks for a cause they believe to be just and honourable.

Registering oneself as a voter is actually your right as a Malaysian. Why surrender it to some opportunists who take over your basic right as a citizen in such a dubious manner?

Do you want to live in a country governed by legislations associated with such voters? Do you a bigger re-run of the legendary Sabah story to be repeated on a bigger scale, more than 10 times perhaps, to cover the whole of Malaysia?

Well Malaysians, what are you waiting for?

Note: subsequent voter registration exercise I know of is:
Giant Kota Damansara: 13th and 14th August
1Utama: 20th and 21st August


  1. Article from MalaysiaKini

    Ex-army man: I was ordered to vote for others
    Jimadie Shah Othman
    Aug 4, 11

    A former army personnel stepped forward today and told a PAS-organised press conference that he was involved in manipulating postal votes while in service under orders of a superior officer.

    Nasir Mohamad , who identified himself only as having been "a clerk" at an army camp in Sandakan, Sabah, said the incident occurred during the general election of 1986.

    "I, along with another clerk, was ordered to open the (postal) votes bag ... (We) were ordered by a higher officer to open the votes bag, and (we were) ordered to mark the ballots.

    "There were about 900 ballot papers including those meant for the army (personnel) and their spouses.

    "I was told to divide (the votes) into two, (the other batch was handled by) my friend, whose name is Ayub Mat. He took more than 400 (ballots), I took the remainder.

    Nasir said as he was inclined to BN at the time, he marked the ballots at hand in favour of the ruling coalition.

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