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Anonymous said...
Mr Lee, the fact that you study in a vernacular school explains a lot. First and foremost your loyalty and whatever fond memories you have for the school long time ago, has lock your minda . You therefore bear some "favoritism and conservativeness" in your outlook.
Social inept is one thing, real disdain for the other race is a very different matter altogether. I don't even want to repeat some of the comments I have heard from this group of people (same race) but vernacular school background.

Thanks Anom, for the pre-fix "Mr".

I can see that you are running a diagnosis on me and speaking from a position that I am a man with close mind. Loyalty and fond memories itself is not a bad thing. Being passionate and willing to preserve institution which has been good to you is fine too. What is life without passion and a sense of devotion?

When you wrote “has lock your minda” (the correct word you are seeking is probably “mindset”), I can guess your background. All I have to say is that I respect the proverb “biar putih anak, jangan putih adab”.

Living in a democratic country means the citizens can choose the way of life they wish to live the extend that they do not harm others.

“I don't even want to repeat some of the comments I have heard from this group of people (same race) but vernacular school background” – sorry I do not wish to dwell on some invisible bogeymen created just to cause anxiety or blind fear, like PAS alone can create an Islamic nation or all Chinese are here to take wealth away from Malays. Such sweeping and without-substance-scare statements hold no currency.

A language to me is a means of communication, not a means to "show off" or to make the other person feel uncomfortable. I switch with ease when speaking to different language groups of people, when I sense they are uncomfortable although I am "NO Expert" in their language. This I believe is very important. Most cases, people in the position to do so, do not do so but insist that we speak their language, although they can actually speak more than one language. Not pointing any fingers at any particular group but all groups of people. It takes two hands to clap.

When we learn new languages, the simple notion of “practice makes perfect” applies. Learning from errors is a good way to get things right. So if you can speak different language, good for you. We can’t be an expert in many languages, as long as we can be understood; I do not see that as a problem so why would someone be uncomfortable?

For example, if I am trying to speak Somali to my new neighbour and struggling, I am sure Abdou would just chuckle and correct me and we can laugh it off, I do not see any problem at all. If we are deterred by mere mild discomfort in the course of learning, we won’t progress hence I really admire the pioneers in surgery.

Social ineptness is very common in vernacular schools, I noted. Don’t you agree? Perhaps, they should teach this social ques in vernacular schools.They don't teach that in my school but I sensed it, because people often do that to me to ( they don't know I understand what they're talking and I took pains to learn the language) Silly people who assume that just because not of same race, so don't understand ?) Wake up.
You also accused MCA, MIC and UMNO of race based politics and these are the very parties that are encouraging vernacular schools remain intact.That says a lot about you. You are blinded by your good old days vernacular school bygone days. Those day we are more trusting of our fellow Malaysians of all races. Now, when someone starts speaking in a language we don't understand in our presence, we DO GET SUSPICIOUS. Won't you ? The FACT remains, vernacular schools do not " CREATE More Understanding and Awareness among all race"

“Social ineptness is very common in vernacular schools, I noted.” – now, how do you conclude this I have absolutely no idea whatsoever. It’s another sweeping statement, another baseless accusation. Do you have statistic to support this? Many Malaysians from vernacular schools have become graduates, businessmen, professionals, entertainers etc in Malaysia as well as outside Malaysia so calling them socially inept is an indefensible argument. I am sorry, but if you can come up which such a conclusion from your own “locked minda” then perhaps you should evaluation your own social ineptness or otherwise.

I do not accuse, but attribute race-base politics to UMNO, MCA and MIC: look at their membership criteria for confirmation. If these political parties do find tactically useful to manoeuvre in education field, it is only normal. So what's your point here?

Also on 1 hand you wrote that Malaysians trust each other more now and in the next sweeping statement, you wrote that the moment someone speaks language which you do not understand then immediately you get suspicious. So what's your point here too?

If the conversation is not about you, why bother? If there are a few rude people, walk off or tell them off? Why tear down a school, and a school system for that?

Yes, vernacular schools are more "academically inclined" but it doesn't mean national schools cannot be more academically inclined when all our children study under the same school system.
Sharing resources is the way to go.Vernacular schools can learn a lot from national schools too. Gangsters are very rampant in vernacular schools too.What do you think ?

Do you have statistic to back up your claim that gangsterism is rampant in vernacular schools only? As far as I can recall, my school and the other vernacular schools in my home town did not have such issue. If there is gangsterism around, it affects all schools and should be dealt with as a disciplinary matter together with police support. That is why tax payers fund the police force, the parents have to chip in and provide good upbringing to their children.

Closing down schools does not address gangsterism issue. A high percentage of SRP, SPM and STPM top scorers are from vernacular schools so what do you have to say about that?

So what “same school system” are you speaking about? What is your formula that can preserve Malaysia’s international competitiveness of multi-lingual capacity?

I can see that you hold the notion that once vernacular school system is eliminated, then the holy grail to national unity is achieved. Ok, so what about the Matrikulasi and STPM divide? And when it was suggested that Mara University to raise the 10% non-bumi quota, there was organized and protected demonstration?

Anonymous said...
Mr Lee, a language is a language. It can be taught in any types of school( including a national school) , not necessary to set up a school specifically for that language only.The one school system is meant to create more understanding amongst all races. What better way to do it, when the eat, play and study together ? It's objective is not meant to abolish other languages. BM is already the national language (spoken in all government departments) and it's a compulsory pass subject in all school system presently.
So why be afraid that BM will take over other languages ? This is what happens when the OBJECTIVE for the one school system is "hijacked" and turned into a political or a race issue. Can we put language aside and put UNDERSTANDING and AWARENESS amongst all race as the MAIN OBJECTIVE here ?

Vernacular schools are not set up to teach language only. It teaches about philosophy, way of life in addition to designated curriculum. I have already stated my stand that in a democracy, people should have freedom of choice.

"So why be afraid that BM will take over other languages ?"Most Malaysians now are comfortable in the national language so there is no fear about vernacular schools would undermine Bahasa Malaysia. The real threat to Bahasa Malaysia are those fellows who use “infomasi instead of maklumat”,operasi instead of gerakan”, “komunikasi instead of “perhubungan”, “aspirasi” instead of “cita-cita” or "tekad" etc.

If you stress, correctly, on understanding and awareness, then you should look at the cause of

1) Intelok
2) The decription of St Valentine’s Day as a Christian thingy
3) Name calling like “si sepet” and “si botol
4) The messages sent out by Utusan Malaysia nurturing the siege mentality
5) The contents of BTN indoctrination programmes

Enough said.

If our tourism flyer sells the country as multi-cultural, colourful and tolerant, our way of life and thinking should reflect that. We are living in a democratic country while freedom of choice is the greatest thing we should uphold. Our country will be a lot poorer without such diversity and togetherness.

I do not wish to convince the above commentator to change his/her mind too, for I agree to disagree.


  1. Mr Lee, to rebutt you arguments is so tedious because like I said " narrow mindedness" blocked your minda /mindset-whatever.

    When I said, I did not want to pass some of the comments made by a certain race of another race, I really mean it. I just don't want to put any race in a difficult position.
    You'll be surprise, it not between A race with B race ( but with C race) It's not what you assumed.

    Secondly, presently our race relations are poor. It's not surprising Interlok and etc has reared it's ugly face.
    Just imagine, if no one knew about it, would anyone report it? Yes, it's because there is someone standing up to it.Ignorance is not bliss. So if you think minimising the exposure, safeguarding your children by burying themselves academically is going to help. I will say, you are "preparing the kids for a better future to migrate" .

  2. Mr Lee, freedom of choice ? You a chinese - Asian, reallly genuinely believe in freedom of choice ? You mean if it's ok with you, than it's fine.So we should be happy with BN presently because it is definitely giving you " freedom of choice" - vernacular school or national school. You're being naive.
    Social ineptness in vernacular schools are a common sight that is where I draw my conclusion. It's not on one, but on several occasions, I come across this type of group of people in training, workshops, seminars, party's , etc...
    Gangsterism also common in most students from vernacular schools. Excuse me, I am not talking about the "cream of the crop" from vernacular schools like yourself. What about those that "fall through the cracks".

  3. Mr Anom, to call me narrow minded means you yourself is narrow minded. If people can't agree with you hence they are narrow minded?

    I have replied you in detail while you find it too tedious to reply. Fine.

    I am not in favour of narrowing exposure. I wrote in my previous post that we should encourage inter-school activities. In another post, I wrote that a responsible government should teach us to love, not hate, which is pretty much what the present administration have been doing for decades.

    Why am I being naive if I am fine with BN giving citizens a choice? I do not see your point. You have to clear about what you are trying to say.

    Besides, an elected government will have to serve the people who voted and paid for them. If a chuck of society paying huge tax money wants vernacular education, it is the responsibility of the government to cater for it.

    Social ineptness is found in all schools, national or vernacular. Have you heard about the malay students sent overseas tend to mingle with themselves only? Social ineptness is to be cured by introducing a more open, interactive and intelligant society.

    Yet in Malaysia, we are very much against openness. Inter faith dialogue is rejected, controlled media, OSA, ISA etc. In other society, delicate issues are dealth with in a restrain and positive manner.

    Look at the TV programmein History channel the other day. The caucasian professor maintains that race determines IQ and rated negros as the lowest ranking. The negro news reporter conducted his interview and research with the professior with utmost restrain and professionalism.

    Look at Malaysia, remember the UPM hooligans in the canteen sometime 2007? Our society is not developed enough. A lot of people, whatever schools and back ground they come from, are not mature and civilised enough.

    I say again, democracy is about freedom. PPSIM issue shows that many people prefer their children to be taught maths and science first in their mother tongue, so that make it a case for the rightfor your young children to pick up basic knowledge from mother tongue first while attaining multi lingual capability at primary school.

    Closing down vernacular schools is not the magic pill but a sign of increasing intolerance in Malaysia. WHen the world is getting more competitive and complicated, some prople want to regress itself.

    And unless you can provide creditable statistic that "most students in vernacular students are gangsters" I consider this irresponsible, slanderous, insulting to all vernacular school students.

    Students who fall through the crack come from all type of schools. SO if we find a few gangsters in national schools too, should we close them down as well? nonsense right?

    Gangsterism is also a social problem. Tackle the source, which could be from outside schools. Closing schools is not the solution

  4. Mr Lee, ruffled some feathers, I did. Agree to disagree, is more like agree at some point but unable to admit it, even if it's true.
    I don't understand why you can't be HoNEST outright.

    Don't find a solution to fix a problem which created the problem in the first place.
    You asked that we have more inter school activities etc . Why ? It's because our children study in different types of school.
    Stupid isn't it ? Would we need to have interschool activities in the first place if they were studying in one type of school ?
    You have indirectly admitted different types of school has not created a more integrated and more understanding society, that is why the need for activities to bring them closer. We are taking the chance of changing an adult mindset ( which is really stubborn and not susceptible to changes) instead of doing so when they're younger, in school.

  5. Anon, you are wasting everyone's time with your comments- they are flawed and crappy and I don't see them worthwhile to be published here.

  6. Anom, I think you are being too deeply immersed with your own delusion. You did not ruffle any feathers and I did not admit directly or indirectly that having different streams is a problem.

    In fact, I welcome diversity and freedom of choice. Having inter-school thing is great - it widens the perspective of school children, regardless if they are from the same or different stream. Simple example, Sukma is a good thing.

    Anyway, as resident.WM correctly put it, it's a waste of time. The sole purpose of keeping your comments here is for other sensible people to judge and lament the state of mind some Malaysians have in this rapid globalised era


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