Of banning other religion and commonsense

I am not going to question the intelligence or the common sense of all the officials in 1Malaysia Najib's office pertaining to this:


'Najib, apologise for un-1Malaysian directive'
Thursday, December 30 @ 05:07:18 PST

Teresa Kok slams Najib for contradicting his 1Malaysia with his directive to remove all crucifixes at a Christmas tea party.

Seputeh MP Teresa Kok is demanding an apology from the prime minister for his office's directive to rid religious elements from a Christmas celebration, which she said was “disrespectful” to Christianity.

According to Kok, who is also Selangor senior exco, the Prime Minister's Office's had issued a directive for crucifixes to be removed from the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) Christmas event on 25 Dec, where Prime Minister Najib Razak was a guest.

The directive, she said, also prohibited Christian prayers and hymns during the event that was held at the Catholic Church Archbishop's residence.

“Najib should apologise to the Christian Federation of Malaysia for 'de-Christianising' their Christmas celebration, that yet again denied Malaysians the right to freedom of religion,” said Kok in a statement.

“Such an order from the Prime Minister's Office shows how insincere and ungracious Najib behaved, as a guest at the celebration held at the Catholic Church Archbishop's residence.

If Chrisitans can't sing or pray according to their religion and display sacred religious sign on the holiest day of the year, just because someone whose salary are also taken from Christians happens to drop by; well that explains a lot about Najib's Rakyat Diutamakan. Might as well not to have the party spoiler around, thank you.

Your vote I want, your religious right not my concern.

Surely Najib's officials can't be worried about the Prime Minister faith being affected merely by attending a very common religious ceremony held in Malaysia for generations?

By comparison, let's look at this brainy Singaporean Malay girl of high school age. 19 years old Humaira Ahmad, concerned about the environment and hope to make the environment better, decided to work with Keg Wei Yang and Raya Chowdhury, to produce a hybrid incense paper to reduce pollution during traditional and religious funtion.

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Gee, was she offended by Chinese customs and religion? Did she changed her beliefs after this project? The answers to both questions are probably "No".

I think she must have looked at this as an environmental issue and an opportunity to better the living condition in her country via application of scientific solutions.

Now compare to Humaira and the people who are suppose to run the country and have done so for more than half of a century....I think I know who has more reasoning power and believable. It is just sad that Malaysian tax payers have to waste money in worse ways than burning papers sustaining this lot.

Apart from Rakyat Diutamakan, which proven in the above case as totally empty sloganeering, let's see how the little red dot enable and empower it's SME.

The Net Generation Nationwide Broadband Network has been launched to enable SMEs - all fibre, ultra high-speed network so that SME can access into "Cloud Computing" and obtain software previously available only to big companies, improve their response time to customers etc

Whereas in Malaysia, we do not have comparable facilities, and the continuing application of various legislation to curb free flowing of ideas hence development of critical and right thinking citizens.

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Time for those who deal in communal politics to wake up or to be kicked out. Malaysia is a better place if we focus on real livelihood and social justice issues.


  1. Go to kuching, Sarawak and visit the chinese temple at Muara Tebas a malay village.
    You can see there are malay boys working to prepare the incese at the temple. this has been happenings for years. There is no complaints by the malays. what s happening to west malaysians?

  2. it only happen to Najis

  3. http://malaysia-today.net/mtcolumns/from-around-the-blogs/37164-of-banning-other-religion-and-commonsense#comments

    written by aryn, January 04, 2011 16:15:09

    I am appalled that the Archbishop actually listened to the PM's aides. By doing that, the Archbishop had actually denied his faith.

    As for Najib, he and his BN will not be getting my or my Christian brethren votes. Period.
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    written by Taikohtai, January 04, 2011 14:42:41

    UMNO demanding this and that in the name of religion is one thing but Christians bending over and compromising their own beliefs is another. There is no such thing as absolute authority unless one is also prepared turn the other 'cheek' all the time as well.
    What a load of hypocrisy from both sides!!
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    written by eloofk, January 04, 2011 14:23:20

    It doesnt matters whether one is a muslim, christian, hindu, buddhist or any other religion that he believes in when he enters a place of worship.

    It is that one who fears that his sin would be unforgiven that he is reluctant to meet God face to face. For a public figure to enter a place of worship and ask God for forgiveness is like a shameful thing for him to do.

    In Proverb 28:13, it says "He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy."

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    written by NSTPravda, January 04, 2011 13:30:16

    Read my Qur'an swearing pink pouting lipsL Is Jesus Really God? Of course not, because 1 AM. You infidels should be honored that I am open minded enough to condescend to accepting your non halal ringgits as commission and salary. $emua-nya OK!

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    written by capricorn, January 04, 2011 13:23:43

    The church should just have told Najis's aides that his presence is not welcome if there are conditions such as removal of the crucifix. And saying that the directive came from an overzealous Non Malay aide of the PM, who are they kidding?
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    written by Fart Fart Wah, January 04, 2011 12:39:47

  4. It is important that you do address the paranoids In UMNO. There are many paranoids in UMNO who are walking primitives living in the 6th century. It is important to note that all these fear factor about walking into a church or christian home or a temple has been blown over by what they see in the Hadith which now has become more important than the Koran. The Koran has become second to the Hadith of dos and donts..and as it gathers momentum more things are added on by our local Allah Muftis and Ulamas via their supposed learned interpretations. I am very sure the Koran does not address others as Kafirs and non-kafirs. I have read the Koran and it does not condemn anyone going into another place of worship. How strong is a Muslim's faith? Just because he walks into another place of worship or another person's house his/her faith is weakened?? Or if the UMMAH sees a leader doing it their faith is weakened?? Aiya...fear fear fear...takut culture. Najib himself should rebuke such nonsense strongly but as usual he brushes it off as a strong rebuke may have negative repercussions on his position. There are many little Allah's walking the corridor of Najib's administration. They fear their master might embrace Christianity and he may come back with a metaphysical experience and convert the whole of UMNO. Or they fear that as in Negeri SEmbilan ( a false story that the CAtholic church was selling holy water as mineral water) he may drink holy water and become a Catholic Bishop or declare Malaysia a Christian STate. Or at lunch they might give him the communion bread and he will come back and say "WE DO NOT NEED TO SUNATE!!!" All these unfounded fears have been compounded by some idiot Mufti with more fatwas to complicate and bind and prison the UMMAH into the faith...not to have a sincere and self convinced belief that Islam is good. Now what Najib will do is the tai-chee. He will not punish the aide. Just slap the fellow on the wrist and blame a mad-woman for the wrong message or misunderstanding like the idiot Mufti Hassarani. There will be no more issues. Case closed..even if we make a police report on this. As Ali Rustam said on 15th October 2007....EVEN ALLAH cannot sink UMNO... so why bother ...they will continue to do any and everything to create a racial and religious divide to ensure they hang on to power...
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    written by imanj, January 04, 2011 12:26:30

    Lee Wee Tak....Many Malaysians with the right mind know all we get with the most Malaysian Leaders and ther worklforce is not only an appalling dense atttude but it is blatant arrogance that says I AM LORD AN YOU ARE BUT MERE PAWNS IN MY WAY. I COMMAND YOU TO KISS THE GROUND I WALK ON OR BE BANNISH FROM MY KINGDOM FOREVER AND ROT IN THE DUNGEONS OF HELL...!!!

  5. wow, Anom #1...I am so impressed...kudos to East Malaysians..but why year after year, the same chap and policies get voted in? sigh, ignorant can be a double edged bliss

    Imanj - it is them, up to many many Malaysians to come out and voice out, exercise their votes and make it better for all for the future

    Fart2 - address the paranoids? Now it is like my distant, very distant cousin, Senior Minister Lee, tat some are liken to be talking to dead people....I fault the education and patronage system sustained by a 50 years old administration...we need to develop younger and brighter brains for them to be the dominant and driving force of society...very much like a younger family member breaking off the shackle of the older member who hold things back.....