Suicide note here there and everywhere

So now we have an earth shattering, heart stopping but very slow in emerging suicide note that would change the direction of a national soap drama played out and played on the grief of the Teoh family?

Suicide notes are hard to come by. It is not everyday that we write one for ourselves so THAT note must be very very precious, right?


Signature, handwriting on 'note' not Beng Hock's, says his family

Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle In a dramatic turn of events, the family of Teoh Beng Hock has disputed the handwriting on the note that Attorney-General Gani Patail claims was a "suicide" note, saying it was obvious the signature and the writing was not Beng Hock’s.

"The family pointed out to me multiple discrepancies in the handwriting in the note, which mainly includes Chinese characters and some words in English, which are in stark contrast to the handwriting of Teoh Beng Hock, both in Chinese and English, in documents written by him before his untimely and tragic death,” their lawyer Karpal Singh said in a statement


Breaking news, in Berlin, a homeless man said he found this suicide note neatly kept in a leather bag and wanted big money for it. It purportedly read as follows:-

Farewell, my brave noble Germans. Today the damn Russians, Americans and British are banging into our beloved Berlin. We Germans have fought valiantly but I have been betrayed by my own generals, by rich & smart minority in our country and darn better technology found in foreign countries. I shall have one last round of merriment with Eva and not let them take me alive.

Believe me, the British have beaten us in our national sport today, but we will beat them in their national sport tomorrow and conquer the world!

Adolf H.

The writer was unerringly right. West Germany went on to win the World Cup in 1954.

Meanwhile in Florida, a trash collector has claimed that he had stumbled upon a piece of suicide note which read as follows:

Life has been a thriller for me. For those who have hurt me, I have been telling them to beat it. I tried to look for my Billie Jean to no avail but at least the champs are my sons.

People been telling me they can't tell if I am black or white but regardless of race, religion and sexual orientation, we are the world and let's make love not war.

But I am so tired, so tired of little children saying I am bad, so tired of looking at my nose and all those debts .... oh I guest I just beat it and leave all the troubles behind

Mikey J.

So what? Another man in Washington was allegedly heard sniggering as he read out from a pink sheet as such:

Dear Johnny F.

Singing for your birthday on TV was the greatest joy in my life. You are the greatest man I have ever .......... Whenever I am alone and naked I remember us [ he did not read on ] and [ the fellow also did not read on ]

But darling, life is too hard for me and I do not want to see myself grow old. I want to be remembered as the sexiest and most beautiful darling I am sorry to leave you.


The self-censoring party spoiler said he can part the letter for USD100,000 and the highest bidder can read all the juicy lines himself.

Can you believe all these nonsense?

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    written by reeperbahn, August 13, 2010 15:23:13

    ..maybe MT is interested in organising a suicide note writing competition!?

    or maybe the raja polis bolehland can hold one. so they can stockpile suicide notes for all future killings. that way can save taxpayers money lah. need no court, lawyer or judge.
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    written by storm62, August 13, 2010 13:19:58

    just make sure we vote them out next GE....things will be different then.
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    written by Pegasus, August 13, 2010 11:47:34

    Don't trust what you read about the suicide note, it is total lies just to get away from being blame that tactic of umno agents if they can't get away. Just that idiot saiful thre dubur boy vs answer case! All is twisted so badly, that you wouldn't want to hear any more dramas day after day becoming in the courtroom. Why because we have a lot clowns and jesters whom are agents of UMNO whom will do anything and everything to get away from blaming game or any type of scandal.
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    written by ibabonma, August 13, 2010 11:02:26

    That foolish idiot, Gani Pigtail must have taken the cue from here.