Teachers can join political activities

According to this report from the Chinese press,


10,000 teaching staff are allowed to participate in political activities


From 1 August onwards, DQ41 till DG48 academic education staff with tertiary qualification can participate in political activities hence it is estimated that 10,000 academic staff obtain the opportunity to participate in politics


Tan Seri Sidek Hassan announced today (the above) on condition that it must obtain the approval of the Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian Pendidikan KSKP (Chief Secretary of Education Ministry)


The reason for this is that teachers once played a prominent part in moulding the political scene and in his press statement "now it's the time for them to return to active participation in politics"

I choked on my tea oh kosong.

Today is the 28th July, why the huge rush to get them involved beginning 1 August? What does he mean "now it's time for them to return to active participation in politics"???? Another case of "ikut perintah" ("following orders"?)

Procedural wise, this is a big foul up it seems.

This is a significant step whereby any Chong, Fatimah, Letchumany and assimilated Filipino in Sabah would wonder aloud, "how would this affect the quality of education financed by tax payers, consumed by the off-springs of the tax payers"?

Yet, to change an entrenched practice, no reference was made to the rakyat, not even a parliament debate, Rakyat Diutamakan/People First illustrated.

Another case of civil servants acting above policy makers? Another lil' Napoleon? Or a case of ikut perintah sahaja-ma.....

It is also discriminatory, why only "high graders" are allowed? Is it because the lower level staff are economically less advantaged and subscribed more to the socialist DAP, Islamist Welfare State oriented Pas or grass root composition of Parti Sosial Malaysia ?

What about the condition that it must be approved by the KSKP? Is it a blanket level or case by case, individual application level?

Given the short timeline, is there a detailed, carefully considered guideline to ensure the participation would not damage further our lagging education system?

If Pakatan Rakayt MPs can't even visit the schools in their own constituency to distribute face mask during H1N1 epidemic,


Excerpt of the news: In view of the widening AH1N1 pandemic outbreak in the country, Miss Teo wishes to visit some of the national schools located in her Serdang constituency in order to distribute surgical masks to the students. However, she was told by most of the schools that she is not welcomed simply because she is a MP from Pakatan Rakyat.

then the orientation of the "desperately needed" academic staff is pretty obvious, right?

Would our young ones be subject to indoctrination and bias propaganda at an impressionable age? I thought the controlled media is more than enough.

How well the teaching staff can remain focused on imparting knowledge rather than trying to share what he and she is passionate about (which is fine as long as it is not during the time we pay him or her for)

Given this kinda of attitude displayed in 1Malaysia, I think the lil' Napoleons deserve a correctional institution, rather than a prominent part in politics:


Non-Muslim Societies Banned in Schools: Isolated Acts or Historical Pattern?
By nkw

There we go again – another round of blatant violation of our fundamental (religious) liberties. Some ‘Little Napoleans’ in a public institution stop some ongoing non-Muslim (Christian) activities or close down a non-Muslim society.

Time for the rakyat to speak up, in newspaper columns, via you MP, cyberspace and PIBG forums.


  1. What's going to happen to the teaching profession which is already plagued by absenteeism. I don't know whether any Education Department has made a survey of the rate of absenteeism in school. From complaints frequently voiced in the media, we know that teachers are frequently taken out of the classroom to attend courses and meetings and classes are left without teachers. Now with this new circular, more teachers will be actively involved in politics to the detriment of the school system. I can foresee that a head of department or school will not dare to deny leave to teachers to attend political meetings if teachers receive an official letter from UMNO asking them to attend this and that.
    Teachers used to be the backbone of UMNO, but their importance has been reduced with the rise of businessmen who have become powerful as a result of the patronage system.
    Now they are trying to rope in the teachers to prop up UMNO's sagging influence.

  2. CNLEE, u have come up with some very very valid point, we are running great risk at making things worse, a political desperate act without consideration of the consequences...trying to woo back those who was ejected?