Vincent Tan: Finance Ministry need money so....

I love it when I think of my chinese language education background as I can read from vernacular press...such golden nuggets can never find its way into Utusan Malaysia.......

He believe Pakatan state government will be fair about this. He stated, proper governance of a country or a state cannot depend only on politics, but also fair and good policies and control


so he urge the Pakatan state government to adopt a fair attitude to view legalised football gambling. "The Finance Ministry needs money,and legalised football betting can bring lucrative revenue to the state government"

ok,to be fair, Tan Seri, football betting is legal in Singapore and Hong Kong. Patrick Kinghorn is earning good money and getting great exposure in Football Forecast as he gives the odds week in week out, our local newspaper stands are selling those RM3 weekly magazines on BPL statistics and odds, many Malaysians bet amongst friends and even frequent those illegal betting joint (seen one myself although as a football purist, I do not bet as this would prevent me from admiring good football played by a team if I bet against it)

ok to be fair, what the hell the finance ministry needs to money for, after we lost the Limbang? after PKFTZ, Matrade? After no more GST? Despite wtihdrawal of subsidies? In the light of need to develop Tanjong Pagar? Especially after the disclosure of the annual colossal losses disclosed year in year out in the Auditor General Reports? After too many buy elections? Big fat shopping bills overseas? Unnecessary defense spending? Too many civil servants? Next GE warchest?

ok to be fair.....he did say


he stated that regaining the betting license, he has decided to dispose 70% shareholding of Ascot Sports which is about 5.6 million shares to Berjaya Group, and will donate all RM525 million to charity....

yeah rite, only after some public outcry then this explanation came out. If all this is said earlier then maybe I might view this differently...but to be fair, there is no mechanism for us to ensure he would really donate and he has no legal obligations to carry out what he said hence it is only fair there aer doubting Thomases ... despite watever nice intention, please don't divert the attention, fact remains, what the hell BN administration needs the money for?

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