A tribute to the voters of Rajang Park

The salient points our dear Prime Minister's speech in Padang Rejang was:


1:30 onwards

"they wanted RM3 million for Chinese school, I told them if BN wins on Sunday, Monday I ask the cheque to be prepared"

6.00 onwards

"kita ada deal tidak?"

"lu mahu 5 juta, gua mau Robert Lau menang"

"lui tak payah keluar duit, gua terpaksa keluar duit"

The above are the Prime Minister's words; not mine and it is for all of us to judge and decide his fitness for office.

The verdict of Rejang voters, after this proposed deal, is:


Sunday’s by-election results have yet to be fully analysed to see if the grants swayed votes to BN, but data from DAP showed voters in Rajang Park snubbed the prime minister’s promise of RM5 million to alleviate floods if SUPP’s Robert Lau Hui Yew won the seat.

My heartest admiration for the chaps there...when I was in my school boy shorts we always believe that Chinese voters only vote for money coming in for development and nothing else.

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